Yasesky Abreu

Yasesky Abreu


Born and raised in Venezuela. Represented my country in tennis competing on an international basis since age eight. Came to the United States and graduated from Dr. Philips High School. Received a full scholarship in tennis to Broward Community College before transferring to the University of Central Florida where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a minor in Sociology.

My career of competing at an international level in tennis taught me to never quit under the most difficult of circumstances. That is something that I carry with me to this day - the mental toughness to adapt and overcome any challenge that confronts me.

As a real estate agent my main goal is advising leads on specific trade area market data, touring properties, and consulting my clients on buying, selling, or invest where appropriate. Bilingual in Spanish and English, with an understanding of Portuguese and Italian. Strengths: commitment, dedication, tenacity, communication, and empathy with my portfolio of clients.

Being said, I will be honored to work with you and take care of your needs with time matter, responsibility and dedication.